Our history



A space to enjoy the five senses of the true essence of Thailand without leaving the Barrio Salamanca.

The restaurant Thaidy which means AUTHENTIC THAI TASTE, opened its doors in the heart of the capital on February 14, 2006, a small place to discover the different customs of Thailand through the five senses: the taste of authentic Thai cuisine, by the scent of flowers and the smell of incense and candles as offerings to Buddha, by the sound of a purifying Thai music that encourages relaxation, by the softness of our silk tablecloths and by the pleasant sight of a elegant decoration, imported directly from Thailand.

Thai cuisine is known as one of the most delicious in the world thanks to its harmony of aromas and flavors as individuals: spicy, sour and sweet. The chef, Saisunee Naksawat, with over 10 years experience, is responsible for giving life to the recipes to the letter.

The fruit plays a very important role in Thai cuisine and this is reflected in fruit peeled and cut into a flower shape that decorate some of the dishes Thaidy and, above all, on the dessert menu, where tropical fruits have a prominence. Krissadakorn Akkalam, is the author of this art, offering beautiful fruit platters full of shapes and colors.

Furthermore, Thaidy has different menus throughout the week, both noon and night, ranging from 12 € to 30 € (tax).

Thaidy details are not present only in the service. The fact that four Thai women have been in charge of implementing this project, can be seen in the good taste of all the little details used for the decoration of the restaurant, as water cascades entry and one of the Local side in order to spread peace and serenity according to the dictates of Feng Shui, natural flowers on each table as a symbol of welcome, and abundant natural vegetation along the premises, among others.